What is Over-Seeding?

Over-seeding is the process of spreading a high quality grass seed over an existing lawn. Over-seeding will help thicken your lawn and reduce bare spots. It will increase weed resistance as well as introduce different turf cultivars that are more resistant to pests and disease.

We have 5 seed blends available to choose from when over-seeding and will carefully select a blend best suited to your lawns requirements. 

Over-seeding is often done alone, but is greatly enhanced by topdressing.

Most of our seed blends contain both endophyte enhanced seed and lateral-spread perennial ryegrass.

Endophyte Enhanced Seed

An endophyte is a natural fungus which grows inside a grass plant. Many research reports on turfgrass species containing endophytes have shown that they enhance tolerance to surface feeding insects including sod webworm, billbugs and chinch  bugs. The endophyte makes the plant produce a chemical which repels insects that feed on turf. 

Lateral-Spread Perennial Ryegrass

Most turf grass is basically a bunchgrass species exhibiting growth patterns that are more vertical than lateral.

Lateral-spread Perennial Ryegrass, through underground shoots (rhizomes), form distinct new plants adjacent to the mother plant. In addition to it's excellent appearance and disease resistance, it has a tendency to ‘fill-in’ newly seeded areas as well as areas thinned by wear and environmental conditions.