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Premium Lawn Care
for Premium Lawns.

Lawn Care
for Premium Lawns.

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GroGreen Lawn Care does lawn care differently.

We know that no two lawns are the same, so we’ve developed unique methods to feed your lawn exactly what it needs. We test your soil to understand the requirements of your lawn. We know that mother nature doesn’t follow a schedule, so our scheduling system allows us to adjust our products and application timing depending on the weather. We know that your lawn needs more than just a basic fertilizer to stay healthy, so we custom blend our granular and liquid fertilizers then add micro-nutrients and soil & root stimulators. Over 20 years of experience and research have been put into our programs to give your lawn the advanced nutrition it needs.

Our Programs Include:

Soil Testing by an Accredited Laboratory

We take a sample of your soil and have it tested by an accredited agricultural soil laboratory. We can then use these results to customize your program to correct any problems or deficiencies with your soil. You will see your soil improve over time!

Premium Granular and Liquid Fertilizers

We use a combination of slow release granular and liquid fertilizers to slowly feed your lawn all season long. Our liquids allow us to add micro-nutrients and adjust nutrient levels based on weather conditions.

A Blend of Soil and Root Stimulators

Our proprietory blend of 5 soil and root stimulators is included with every liquid application. These stimulators promote root growthand help build a healthy, biologically active soil, reduce disease and increase drought tolerance.

Fiesta Weed Control

We blanket spray Fiesta Weed Control with every liquid application to help control both new and established weeds. 

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Are you ready to have the Greenest Lawn on your Street?

GroGreen Lawn Care has put 20+ years experience in the lawn and landscape industry into developing the best, most comprehensive lawn health care programs available. We can say with confidence that you won’t get a better lawn care program.
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Our Most Popular Services

GroGreen Lawn Care offers a multitude of lawn care and landscape pest control services. If you don't see it listed here, please contact us!

We’ve build the most advanced, comprehensive lawn care programs in the industry. Every program includes soil testing and our proprietary blend of soil and root stimulators to give you the healthiest lawn possible. 

The best way to boost your lawn in the spring or fall is with a topdress and overseed. We use a rich, black loam to build your soils organic matter and better retain moisture. Our premium seed blends are customized to your lawns needs.

Aeration helps reduce compaction, increase water penetration into your soil and helps air exchange. Our new Liquid Aeration is safe for irrigation systems and invisible fences!

Whether your facility needs the best lawn in town or your landscaping company needs its properties to be the envy of their neighbours, we can help.

Happy Customers

We started to use GroGreen Lawn Care last year and the lawn looks incredible! After the first application of their soil and root stimulators our old lawn was brought back to life and has looked great ever since.

R. Warren



Had Gro Green maintain my lawn last year. They did a great job! The lawn hasn't looked this good ever! A couple of neighbors will be signing up this spring as well. Smaller company, but great customer service.

G. Burchill



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