Premium Lawn Care
for Premium Lawns.

Looking to bring your lawn to the next level? Our full season lawn care programs include soil testing, weed control and advanced turf & soil nutrition.


GroGreen Lawn Care does lawn care differently. We know that no two lawns are the same, so we've developed unique methods to feed your lawn exactly what it needs. We test your soil to understand the requirements of your lawn. We know that mother nature doesn't follow a schedule, so our scheduling system allows us to adjust our products and application timing depending on the weather. We know that your lawn needs more than just a basic fertilizer to stay healthy, so we custom blend our granular and liquid fertilizers then add micro-nutrients and soil & root stimulators. Over 20 years of experience and research have been put into our programs to give your lawn the advanced nutrition it needs. 

Grogreen includes soil testing with every lawn care program.

Why do we test your soil?

GroGreen Lawn Care includes a laboratory soil test with every lawn care program. Quite often, problems with your lawn can be fixed with fertilizer modifications or soil amendments. Soil testing allows us to measure:

  • Soil acidity problems which may affect nutrient uptake and availability
  • Organic matter levels which hold water, nutrients and feed microbes in your soil
  • Measure micronutrient levels that are not common in typical fertilizers

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